France capacity utilization

France capacity utilization: 76.36 (0.69%)
Last Update: February 29, 2024

France capacity utilization closed down 76.36 as of February 29, 2024 from 75.84 from the previous month and 77.5 from last year.

France capacity utilization Analytics & Data

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France capacity utilization

2024-02-29 76.36
2024-01-31 75.84
2023-12-31 76.04
2023-11-30 76.06
2023-10-31 76.34
2023-09-30 76.16
2023-08-31 76.58
2023-07-31 76.99
2023-06-30 77.28
2023-05-31 77.14
2023-04-30 77.43
2023-03-31 77.42
2023-02-28 77.5
2023-01-31 77.55
2022-12-31 77.93
2022-11-30 78.04
2022-10-31 78.27
2022-09-30 78.83
2022-08-31 79.91
2022-07-31 77.9

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France capacity utilization Statistics

capacity utilizationfr.caputilization76.3675.841-1DownDown482024-04-30

France capacity utilization Factors

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What is the France capacity utilization

Introduction: Welcome to our webpage dedicated to providing comprehensive data, trends, and analytics on France's capacity utilization. Capacity utilization is a key economic indicator that helps measure the utilization of a country's productive capacity, including its manufacturing facilities, infrastructure, and resources. By monitoring capacity utilization, investors, analysts, and policymakers can gain insights into the current state of the economy and understand its potential for growth or contraction.

Understanding Capacity Utilization: Capacity utilization is expressed as a percentage and represents the ratio between actual output and maximum potential output. A high capacity utilization rate suggests that the economy is operating close to or at its full potential, while a low rate indicates that resources are being underutilized, potentially signaling economic slack.

Interpreting Capacity Utilization Data: Monitoring capacity utilization can provide valuable insights into the overall health and economic performance of a country. Here's how to interpret the data:

1. High Capacity Utilization: When capacity utilization is high, it typically indicates strong demand for goods and services, as producers are operating at full or near-full capacity. This may encourage businesses to invest in expanding their facilities and workforce, thus stimulating economic growth.

2. Low Capacity Utilization: A low capacity utilization rate can be indicative of a sluggish economy, characterized by weak demand, excess supplies, and underutilized resources. This may prompt businesses to cut back on production, leading to potential layoffs and reduced economic growth.

Key Features of our Page:

1. Current and Historical Data: Our page provides up-to-date capacity utilization data for France, allowing users to track the latest trends and compare it with historical data. This helps identify patterns and understand the cyclical nature of capacity utilization in different economic environments.

2. Analytics and Charts: We offer interactive charts and analytics tools to visualize the capacity utilization trends over time. Users can choose various timeframes, view historical comparisons, and even overlay other economic indicators for deeper analysis.

3. MacroVar Signals: Our advanced algorithms generate MacroVar signals, which are predictive indicators designed to identify turning points in capacity utilization. These signals, based on mathematical models and historical data analysis, can be useful for investors and decision-makers seeking to anticipate future economic trends.

4. Export Historical Data: Users can export historical capacity utilization data for free, allowing for further analysis and integration with internal models or other software packages. This feature enhances flexibility and empowers users to perform their own in-depth analysis.

Conclusion: Monitoring France's capacity utilization provides valuable insights into the state of the economy and its potential for growth. Our webpage offers a comprehensive suite of current and historical data, trends, signals, and analytics tools to help users interpret capacity utilization and derive meaningful conclusions. With free access to historical data and our proprietary MacroVar signals, users can make more informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in understanding the economic landscape.

France Financial Markets

CAC 40CAC7386.9910.750.8737169.02680.007420.018880.057360.11073
France ETFEWQ34.70-1-1.8562146.78740.007260.01107-0.004020.16874
FOAT France 10Y BondsFOAT124.451-0.75-1.1711159.77070.000560.012120.01908-0.06597
France 10-Year Bond YieldFR.10Y3.313-0.50.751.2275341.3278-0.01953-0.04771-0.043870.27669
France 5-Year Bond YieldFR.5Y2.838-10.50.4725543.23680.0071-0.03008-0.026750.35789
France 2-year bond yieldFR.2Y3.389-10.750.8444343.20080.00326-0.02109-0.012240.53348
France Yield CurveFR.YC-0.0048-10.50.4363146.9535-1.06162-1.05467-1.06008-1.01648
France Credit Default SwapsCDS.France24.74370-0.5-0.8186148.6448-0.002280.08765-0.03764-0.09473
France Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradefr.balanceoftrade-7579-538141-24DownUP312024-04-30
bank lending ratefr.banks.lendingrate4.284.095210UPUP982023-06-30
banks balance sheetfr.banks.bs1208390012118000-03UPUP222024-03-31
building permitsfr.buildingpermits2651426783-1-13DownDown362024-02-29
business confidencefr.bizconfidence99.2100-1-1DownDown702024-06-30
capacity utilizationfr.caputilization76.3675.841-1DownDown482024-04-30
capital flowsfr.capitalflows128570-78-101UPUP522024-02-29
car registrationsfr.carregistrations146977180024-181DownUP552024-05-31
central bank balance sheetfr.cb.assets15314901589550-4-15DownDown132024-03-31
composite pmifr.comppmi47.744.67-9UPDown322024-04-30
construction pmifr.constrpmi43.441.552UPUP722024-05-31
consumer confidencefr.consconfidence90.3189.816UPUP662024-06-30
consumer price index cpifr.cpi120.07119.4712UPUP492024-04-30
core inflation ratefr.coreinflationrate1.71.9-11-70DownDown62024-05-31
current accountfr.currentaccount-1818614-396-49DownUP552024-04-30
current account to gdpfr.currentaccountgdp-0.7-2-65-30DownUP02024-12-31
external debtfr.externaldebt69163407003750-115UPUP02023-12-31
fiscal expenditurefr.fiscalexp153.52112.7836-9DownDown22024-04-30
foreign direct investmentfr.fdi-5394899-111-38DownUP402024-02-29
foreign exchange reservesfr.fxreserves245.9247.12-012UPUP602024-05-31
Real GDPfr.realgdp59569459433607UPUP962024-03-31
gdp growthfr.gdpgrowth0.20.1100-80DownDown02024-06-30
gdp growth annualfr.gdpgrowthan1.10.838-94DownDown02024-06-30
gold reservesfr.goldres2436.972436.9100UPUP652022-12-31
government budgetfr.govbudget-5.5-4.81510DownDown02024-01-31
Government budgetfr.govbudgetvalue-91.6-52.8739UPDown412024-04-30
government debtfr.govdebt3101.23093.1017UPUP552023-12-31
government debt to gdpfr.govdebtgdp110.6111.9-126UPUP02023-01-31
government revenuesfr.govrev7440072.610237974654UPUP1002024-04-30
housing indexfr.housingindex128.74132.25-38DownUP02023-12-31
housing startsfr.housingstarts19639181678-15DownDown252024-02-29
industrial productionfr.indproduction0.890.683148UPUP822024-04-30
industrial production momfr.indproductionmm0.5-0.2-350-17UPDown02024-04-30
inflation cpifr.inflationcpi2.32.25-49DownDown02024-06-30
interbank ratefr.interbankrate3.83.78112UPUP622023-08-14
interest ratefr.interestrate4.54.508900UPUP992024-04-01
loan growthfr.loangrowth-1.28-0.57125-128DownDown22024-01-31
loans to private sectorfr.loanprivate306799030625900-1DownDown72024-04-30
long term unemployment ratefr.ltunemploymentrate2.22.4-8-8UPDown422021-12-31
Manufacturing PMIfr.manpmi46.445.321UPUP702024-06-30
money supply m1fr.msm1159418015905100-9DownDown192024-03-31
money supply m2fr.msm2300031029848601-1UPDown62024-03-31
money supply m3fr.msm33540280348954012UPUP172024-03-31
new home salesfr.newhomesales144421303411-48DownDown32023-12-31
Producer Price Indexfr.producerprices122126.6-4-7DownDown182024-04-30
PPI Indexfr.producerpricesch-6.8-8.3-18-219DownDown02024-05-31
retail sales MoMfr.retailsales0.60.3100-143UPUP02024-03-31
retail salesfr.retailsalesan0.5-2-125-112UPUP02024-03-31
services pmifr.servpmi49.351.3-43UPUP692024-06-30
unemployment ratefr.unemploymentrate7.57.50-6UPDown422023-12-31
youth unemployment ratefr.ytunemploymentrate17.818.1-28UPUP912024-04-30
zew economic sentiment indexfr.zewsentiment66.763.45-225UPUP252021-03-28
Construction Confidencefr.esi.constr-7.3-62200-26200DownDown8002024-01-22
Consumer Confidencefr.esi.cons-13.5-16.6-1900-2800UPUP35002024-01-22
Retail Confidencefr.esi.ret-15.4-13.9110028500DownDown02024-01-22
Services Confidencefr.esi.serv-0.5-0.8-3800-11400DownDown45002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositefr.esi.conf96.495.61-6DownDown462023-06-30