Germany inflation cpi

Germany inflation cpi: 2.4 (9.09%)
Last Update: May 31, 2024

Germany inflation cpi closed down 2.4 as of May 31, 2024 from 2.2 from the previous month and 6.1 from last year.

Germany inflation cpi Analytics & Data

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Germany inflation cpi

2024-05-31 2.4
2024-04-30 2.2
2024-03-31 2.2
2024-02-29 2.5
2024-01-31 2.9
2023-12-31 3.7
2023-11-30 3.2
2023-10-31 3.8
2023-09-30 4.5
2023-08-31 6.1
2023-07-31 6.2
2023-06-30 6.4
2023-05-31 6.1
2023-04-30 7.2
2023-03-31 7.4
2023-02-28 8.7
2023-01-31 8.7
2022-12-31 8.1
2022-11-30 8.8
2022-10-31 8.8

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Germany inflation cpi Statistics

inflation cpide.inflationcpi2.42.29-62DownDown02024-06-30

Germany inflation cpi Factors

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What is the Germany inflation cpi

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive webpage dedicated to Germany's Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation data. Here, you will find detailed current and historical information, charts, analytics, and trends related to Germany's inflation rate. Our platform aims to provide users with valuable insights into economic conditions, enabling them to make informed decisions and anticipate future market trends.

What is Germany Inflation CPI? The Germany Inflation CPI measures the average change in prices of a basket of goods and services consumed by households in Germany. It serves as a crucial indicator of inflation, giving insight into the overall cost of living and economic conditions within the country. Released monthly by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the CPI tracks price fluctuations across various sectors like housing, transportation, food, healthcare, and more.

Interpreting Germany Inflation CPI: Understanding Germany's inflation rate is essential for businesses, policymakers, investors, and consumers alike. It provides insights into the current state of the economy and helps assess the effectiveness of monetary policies. The CPI is expressed as a percentage change over a specific period, typically a year.

A positive CPI indicates rising prices, resulting in decreased purchasing power and reduced consumer confidence. A negative CPI, on the other hand, signifies deflation—a rare occurrence —which can lead to economic stagnation and decreased spending. Comparing the CPI to previous periods and market expectations offers valuable insights into inflation trends and potential impacts on economic stability.

Data Visualization and Analytics: To facilitate comprehensive analysis and decision-making, our webpage presents Germany's inflation CPI data through interactive charts and visualizations. These user-friendly tools help identify patterns, historical trends, and potential correlations with economic events, allowing users to examine various market dynamics and identify emerging opportunities or risks.

Moreover, our platform offers an intuitive interface to access additional macroeconomic indicators, such as unemployment rates, GDP growth, interest rates, and more. These supplementary data points enhance the scope and depth of your analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of Germany's economic climate.

Export Historical Data for Further Analysis: To support in-depth research and advanced analysis, users can freely export historical CPI data directly from our webpage. This feature allows for seamless integration with various statistical software, spreadsheets, or modeling tools. By harnessing the power of rich historical data, users can uncover valuable insights, backtest strategies, and develop predictive models to anticipate future inflation trends.

Leverage MacroVar Signals and Analysis: For users seeking sophisticated and accurate forecasts, our webpage integrates MacroVar signals and analysis. MacroVar utilizes advanced analytical techniques and machine learning algorithms to generate real-time predictions, enabling users to anticipate future inflation movements. By incorporating these signals, investors, financial institutions, and policymakers can make data-driven decisions and position themselves strategically in the market.

Conclusion: Stay informed and make better decisions by exploring our webpage dedicated to Germany's inflation CPI. By analyzing current and historical data, trends, and signals, you can gain valuable insights into the country's economic conditions. Whether you are an investor, business leader, or researcher, this platform equips you with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of Germany's inflation dynamics.

Germany Financial Markets

Germany ETFEWG25.36-0.5-1-2.239443.41620.007150.00915-0.012850.16224
FGBX 30Y German BundsFGBX123.180.5-1-1.5542655.11150.003090.029240.03011-0.15734
FGBL 10Y German BundsFGBL129.941-0.75-1.1610959.19460.000230.010030.01563-0.06194
German 30YDE.30Y2.996-0.511.6504346.3934-0.02347-0.0382-0.036970.66908
Germany 10-Year Bond YieldDE.10Y2.722-10.751.0858741.4967-0.01555-0.05058-0.054860.28822
Germany 5-Year Bond YieldDE.5Y2.487-10.250.3394942.20640.00161-0.03679-0.041250.27538
Germany 2-year bond yieldDE.2Y2.996-100.1833136.99870.00369-0.02759-0.047680.38001
Germany Yield CurveDE.YC-0.3440.510.834148.48820.207020.232970.34375-7.14286
Germany Credit Default SwapsCDS.Germany15.8325-0.5-0.25-0.1538239.5441-0.033970.00065-0.15725-0.20518
Germany Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradede.balanceoftrade22.122.2-037UPUP872024-04-30
bank lending ratede.banks.lendingrate5.585.374197UPUP1002023-06-30
banks balance sheetde.banks.bs10597.510669.6-1-5DownDown22023-10-31
building permitsde.buildingpermits14623.015101-3-19DownDown252024-04-30
business confidencede.bizconfidence89.389.4-0938UPUP922017-08-31
capacity utilizationde.caputilization8181.9-1-1DownDown382024-03-31
capital flowsde.capitalflows26663.56547.36307-47UPDown402024-03-31
car registrationsde.carregistrations236425243102-3-4DownDown442024-05-31
central bank balance sheetde.cb.assets2420.462439.06-1-2DownDown492024-11-30
Composite PMIde.comppmi52.450.644UPUP782024-06-30
construction pmide.constrpmi38.537.53-12DownDown282024-05-31
consumer confidencede.consconfidence-20.9-24-13-343DownDown172017-08-31
consumer price index cpide.cpi119.3119.202UPUP502024-05-31
core inflation ratede.coreinflationrate33.3-9-48DownDown122024-03-31
current accountde.currentaccount2590027600-639UPUP842024-04-30
current account to gdpde.currentaccountgdp5.94.240-5DownDown02023-01-31
external debtde.externaldebt61092206046540111UPUP552023-12-31
fiscal expenditurede.fiscalexp473.27477.6-18UPUP262023-09-30
foreign direct investmentde.fdi3449.346685.54-48-53DownDown552024-04-30
foreign exchange reservesde.fxreserves324156.0324404-012UPUP552024-05-31
Real GDPde.realgdp816.41814.6705UPUP662024-03-31
gdp growthde.gdpgrowth0.2-0.5-140-91UPDown02024-06-30
gdp growth annualde.gdpgrowthan-0.2-0.20-102DownDown252024-06-30
gold reservesde.goldres3352.653354.8900DownDown512023-06-30
government budgetde.govbudget-2.5-2.50-43DownUP02024-01-31
Government budgetde.govbudgetvalue-1.39-55.32-97-98UPUP482023-06-30
government debtde.govdebt24454002453860-011UPUP572024-03-31
government debt to gdpde.govdebtgdp63.666.1-4-22DownDown02024-01-31
government revenuesde.govrev457.13476.21-412UPUP472024-03-31
housing indexde.housingindex210.94209.671-1DownDown232024-02-29
industrial productionde.indproduction-3.9-4.3-9-533DownDown02024-04-30
industrial production momde.indproductionmm-0.1-0.4-750UPDown02024-04-30
inflation cpide.inflationcpi2.42.29-62DownDown02024-06-30
interbank ratede.interbankrate3.6723.5449824UPUP1002023-07-31
interest ratede.interestrate4.254.5-6-6DownDown602024-06-07
loans to private sectorde.loanprivate1879.171872.77016UPUP842023-12-31
long term unemployment ratede.ltunemploymentrate1.21.19-29DownDown452021-03-31
Manufacturing PMIde.manpmi45.442.5712UPUP772024-06-30
money supply m1de.msm12565.42559.60-7DownDown162024-03-31
money supply m2de.msm23779.23776.90-0UPDown142024-04-30
money supply m3de.msm33862.63864.7-00UPUP82024-04-30
Producer Price Indexde.producerprices127.5127.30-3DownDown222024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYde.producerpricesch-2.2-3.3-33-188UPDown272024-05-31
retail sales MoMde.retailsales-1.21.8-167-400DownDown02024-04-30
retail salesde.retailsalesan-0.60.3-300-85UPUP542024-04-30
services pmide.servpmi54.253.220UPUP552024-06-30
unemployment ratede.unemploymentrate5.95.905UPUP422024-05-31
youth unemployment ratede.ytunemploymentrate5.85.800UPDown622024-02-29
zew economic sentiment indexde.zewsentiment47.547.11-659UPUP72024-06-30
zew economic current indexde.zewcurrent45.247.2-4.24-13.08-100.0-100.002019-07-31
IFO Business
IFO Business
IFO Current Conditionsde.ifo.current88.388.9-1-3UPDown612024-05-31
Construction Confidencede.esi.constr-17.5-18.2-40069500DownDown93002024-01-22
Consumer Confidencede.esi.cons-16.5-15.5600-3400DownUP02024-01-22
Retail Confidencede.esi.ret-18.9-21.7-1300-2000DownUP42002024-01-22
Services Confidencede.esi.serv4.14.1014100DownUP87002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositede.esi.conf93.495.3-2-11DownDown262023-06-30