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Hong Kong foreign exchange reserves: 417200 (0.19%)
Last Update: May 31, 2024

Hong Kong foreign exchange reserves closed down 417200 as of May 31, 2024 from 416400 from the previous month and 421000 from last year.

Hong Kong foreign exchange reserves Analytics & Data

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Hong Kong foreign exchange reserves

2024-05-31 417200
2024-04-30 416400
2024-03-31 423600
2024-02-29 425200
2024-01-31 423100
2023-12-31 425600
2023-11-30 424600
2023-10-31 416000
2023-09-30 415700
2023-08-31 418400
2023-07-31 421600
2023-06-30 417300
2023-05-31 421000
2023-04-30 427400
2023-03-31 430800
2023-02-28 429100
2023-01-31 436500
2022-12-31 424000
2022-11-30 423200
2022-10-31 417200

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Hong Kong foreign exchange reserves Statistics

foreign exchange reserveshk.fxreserves4172004164000-1DownDown392024-05-31

Hong Kong foreign exchange reserves Factors

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What is the Hong Kong foreign exchange reserves

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves! Here, you will find a comprehensive overview of current and historical data, as well as valuable insights into trends and signals, analytics, and detailed interactive charts.

But first, let's understand what Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves actually are and how they should be interpreted. Foreign exchange reserves refer to the amount of foreign currency held by a country's central bank and other governmental financial institutions. These reserves are crucial for maintaining stability in international trade, managing exchange rates, and preventing potential financial crises.

Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves play a vital role in maintaining the stability of its currency, the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), and supporting its open, market-oriented economy. These reserves primarily consist of highly liquid assets denominated in various currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, and others.

Interpreting Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves can provide valuable insights into the country's economic health and its ability to withstand potential external shocks. Increasing reserves generally indicate a healthy external position, while a decline may suggest higher currency or financial market volatility, increased external debt, or capital outflows.

On our webpage, you can access real-time data on Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves, including the latest figures and periodic updates. Additionally, you can navigate through historical data to observe trends over time and compare different periods or events.

Our interactive charts allow you to visualize the data effectively, making it easier to identify patterns, cyclicality, and potential factors influencing the reserves. By overlaying other key economic indicators, such as GDP growth, inflation rates, or interest rates, you can gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between these factors and foreign exchange reserves.

Moreover, we offer macroeconomic analysis, trends, and signals generated by our proprietary algorithm, MacroVar. These insights can provide additional context and help you make informed decisions regarding foreign exchange, investment, or risk management.

For advanced analysis, we provide the option to export historical data for free. This feature enables you to perform your own in-depth research, create custom charts, or integrate the data into your models or reports.

Stay ahead of the curve and leverage our comprehensive platform to explore Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves, track historical trends, and benefit from our macroeconomic analysis. Let data-driven insights empower your decision-making process!

Hong Kong Financial Markets

Hang SengHSI16327.9-1-1-2.3467831.817-0.01912-0.05913-0.07596-0.07548
Hong Kong ETFEWH16.8-0.5-1-1.7496642.41030.001190.00358-0.007680.04348
Hong Kong Dollar US Dollar (HKD/USD)HKDUSD 7.82470.5-0.75-0.7228850.24210.000180.00045-0.000740.00069
Hong Kong 5-Year Bond YieldHK.5Y3.06-1-0.75-1.317626.045-0.00033-0.03195-0.12796-0.14739
Hong Kong 2-year bond yieldHK.2Y4.259-0.510.9441545.6292-0.02428-0.030280.0007-0.09479
Hong Kong Yield CurveHK.YC-0.021-111.3697850.1952-4.5-0.44737-0.75294-0.79612
Hong Kong Credit Default SwapsCDS.Hong-Kong36.2-110.8433398.07230000.2526
Hong Kong Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradehk.balanceoftrade-10194-45012-77-72UPUP72024-04-30
bank lending ratehk.banks.lendingrate5.775.75015UPUP982023-07-31
banks balance sheethk.banks.bs275088002707200023UPUP592024-04-30
business confidencehk.bizconfidence211000DownUP02024-06-30
capital flowshk.capitalflows-37530-137301-73-62DownUP372024-06-30
car registrationshk.carregistrations591844303461UPUP942024-03-31
consumer confidencehk.consconfidence70.661.914-13UPDown02021-12-31
consumer price index cpihk.cpi106.4107.1-11UPUP312024-04-30
current accounthk.currentaccount71195108497-3417DownUP602024-03-31
current account to gdphk.currentaccountgdp7.110.6-3327UPUP02023-01-31
deposit interest ratehk.depositrate0.020.04-50-99DownDown02021-12-31
external debthk.externaldebt1436240014402400-04UPUP22023-12-31
fiscal expenditurehk.fiscalexp144870153942-6-16DownDown72023-12-31
foreign direct investmenthk.fdi1816717306.5584UPUP02024-01-31
foreign exchange reserveshk.fxreserves4172004164000-1DownDown392024-05-31
Real GDPhk.realgdp728625762957-44UPUP252024-03-31
gdp growthhk.gdpgrowth2.30.4475187UPUP872024-09-30
gdp growth annualhk.gdpgrowthan2.74.3-37-66UPDown352024-03-31
gold reserveshk.goldres2.082.1-10DownDown442020-09-30
government budgethk.govbudget-5-3.639-222DownDown02022-01-31
Government budgethk.govbudgetvalue25714-79450-132850UPUP1002023-12-31
government debt to gdphk.govdebtgdp38.437426UPUP02016-01-31
government revenueshk.govrev17058474492129-2UPDown202023-12-31
housing indexhk.housingindex141.8140.171-14DownDown62024-03-31
industrial productionhk.indproduction1.84.1-56-31DownDown02024-03-31
inflation cpihk.inflationcpi1.12-45-48DownDown332024-04-30
interbank ratehk.interbankrate5.15.13-1-3DownDown62023-08-15
interest ratehk.interestrate5.755.55109UPUP772023-07-27
loans to private sectorhk.loanprivate998482010087500-1-6DownDown42024-04-30
Manufacturing PMIhk.manpmi49.250.6-3-3DownDown392024-05-31
money supply m0hk.msm05838095833940-1UPDown192024-04-30
money supply m1hk.msm1262164025560003-3UPDown462024-04-30
money supply m2hk.msm2175532001718630026UPUP822024-04-30
money supply m3hk.msm3175948001722620026UPUP822024-04-30
Producer Price Indexhk.producerprices113.8114.8-14UPUP392023-12-31
PPI Indexhk.producerpricesch2.73-10-7UPDown702023-12-31
retail sales MoMhk.retailsales-8.8-7.616-4500DownDown22024-03-31
retail saleshk.retailsalesan-16.5-8.692-226DownDown282024-04-30
unemployment ratehk.unemploymentrate32.93-12UPDown482024-01-31
youth unemployment ratehk.ytunemploymentrate5.96.2-511UPUP712024-04-30