Hong Kong Real GDP

Hong Kong Real GDP: 728625 (-4.5%)
Last Update: March 31, 2024

Hong Kong Real GDP closed down 728625 as of March 31, 2024 from 762957 from the previous month and 698029 from last year.

Hong Kong Real GDP Analytics & Data

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Hong Kong Real GDP

2024-03-31 728625
2023-12-31 762957
2023-09-30 734482
2023-06-30 693816
2023-03-31 698557
2022-12-31 720640
2022-09-30 694880
2022-06-30 672980
2022-03-31 672617
2021-12-31 745433
2021-09-30 722378
2021-06-30 675694
2021-03-31 698029
2020-12-31 713772
2020-09-30 683846
2020-06-30 617392
2020-03-31 635722
2019-12-31 723789
2019-09-30 698211
2019-06-30 678398

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Hong Kong Real GDP Statistics

Real GDPhk.realgdp728625762957-44UPUP252024-03-31

Hong Kong Real GDP Factors

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What is the Hong Kong Real GDP

## Hong Kong Real GDP

### Overview:

Hong Kong Real GDP refers to the measure of the economic output of Hong Kong adjusted for inflation. Real GDP provides a more accurate representation of economic growth by taking into account the changes in price levels, ensuring that the figures are adjusted for inflation.

### Interpretation:

Hong Kong Real GDP data provides valuable insights into the economic performance and stability of Hong Kong over time. It measures the overall growth in the production of goods and services in the economy, indicating the size and health of the economy.

An increase in Real GDP indicates economic expansion and may be associated with factors such as increased production, consumer spending, investment, and employment opportunities. Conversely, a decline or negative growth in Real GDP may indicate an economic contraction or recessionary phase, suggesting reduced economic activity.

It is essential to interpret Hong Kong Real GDP data alongside other economic indicators, such as unemployment rates, inflation levels, and consumer sentiment, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic situation.

### Current and Historical Data:

Our webpage provides up-to-date and historical data on Hong Kong Real GDP, enabling users to analyze trends, identify patterns, and make informed decisions. The data is presented in the form of comprehensive charts and tables, allowing users to visualize and comprehend the information easily.

### Trends and Signals:

Our platform also offers valuable insights into trends and signals derived from the Hong Kong Real GDP data. Utilizing advanced analytics and algorithms, our system identifies patterns, anomalies, and potential turning points in the economic growth of Hong Kong. These trends and signals can aid users in making timely forecasts, identifying investment opportunities, and managing risks.

### Analytics and Charts:

Our webpage provides an array of analytics and charts, enabling users to deep dive into the Hong Kong Real GDP data. Users can access various analytical tools, including moving averages, trend lines, correlation analysis, and more, to gain further insights and discover hidden trends within the data.

### Export Historical Data:

In addition to the visual representation of the data on our webpage, users can also export historical Hong Kong Real GDP data for free. This feature enables users to perform their customized analysis, build models, and integrate the data into their own systems for further exploration, research, or academic purposes.

### MacroVar Signals and Analysis:

To enhance the decision-making process, our platform also offers MacroVar signals specifically tailored for Hong Kong Real GDP. These signals provide key indicators and analysis derived from the data, helping users to identify turning points, evaluate risks, and make more informed predictions about the future trajectory of the Hong Kong economy.

In conclusion, our webpage offers a comprehensive resource for exploring, analyzing, and understanding Hong Kong Real GDP. By providing users with current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics and charts, and the ability to export data for further analysis, we empower users to utilize this vital economic indicator to its full potential.

Hong Kong Financial Markets

Hang SengHSI16327.9-1-1-2.3467831.817-0.01912-0.05913-0.07596-0.07548
Hong Kong ETFEWH16.8-0.5-1-1.7496642.41030.001190.00358-0.007680.04348
Hong Kong Dollar US Dollar (HKD/USD)HKDUSD 7.82470.5-0.75-0.7228850.24210.000180.00045-0.000740.00069
Hong Kong 5-Year Bond YieldHK.5Y3.06-1-0.75-1.317626.045-0.00033-0.03195-0.12796-0.14739
Hong Kong 2-year bond yieldHK.2Y4.259-0.510.9441545.6292-0.02428-0.030280.0007-0.09479
Hong Kong Yield CurveHK.YC-0.021-111.3697850.1952-4.5-0.44737-0.75294-0.79612
Hong Kong Credit Default SwapsCDS.Hong-Kong36.2-110.8433398.07230000.2526
Hong Kong Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradehk.balanceoftrade-10194-45012-77-72UPUP72024-04-30
bank lending ratehk.banks.lendingrate5.775.75015UPUP982023-07-31
banks balance sheethk.banks.bs275088002707200023UPUP592024-04-30
business confidencehk.bizconfidence211000DownUP02024-06-30
capital flowshk.capitalflows-37530-137301-73-62DownUP372024-06-30
car registrationshk.carregistrations591844303461UPUP942024-03-31
consumer confidencehk.consconfidence70.661.914-13UPDown02021-12-31
consumer price index cpihk.cpi106.4107.1-11UPUP312024-04-30
current accounthk.currentaccount71195108497-3417DownUP602024-03-31
current account to gdphk.currentaccountgdp7.110.6-3327UPUP02023-01-31
deposit interest ratehk.depositrate0.020.04-50-99DownDown02021-12-31
external debthk.externaldebt1436240014402400-04UPUP22023-12-31
fiscal expenditurehk.fiscalexp144870153942-6-16DownDown72023-12-31
foreign direct investmenthk.fdi1816717306.5584UPUP02024-01-31
foreign exchange reserveshk.fxreserves4172004164000-1DownDown392024-05-31
Real GDPhk.realgdp728625762957-44UPUP252024-03-31
gdp growthhk.gdpgrowth2.30.4475187UPUP872024-09-30
gdp growth annualhk.gdpgrowthan2.74.3-37-66UPDown352024-03-31
gold reserveshk.goldres2.082.1-10DownDown442020-09-30
government budgethk.govbudget-5-3.639-222DownDown02022-01-31
Government budgethk.govbudgetvalue25714-79450-132850UPUP1002023-12-31
government debt to gdphk.govdebtgdp38.437426UPUP02016-01-31
government revenueshk.govrev17058474492129-2UPDown202023-12-31
housing indexhk.housingindex141.8140.171-14DownDown62024-03-31
industrial productionhk.indproduction1.84.1-56-31DownDown02024-03-31
inflation cpihk.inflationcpi1.12-45-48DownDown332024-04-30
interbank ratehk.interbankrate5.15.13-1-3DownDown62023-08-15
interest ratehk.interestrate5.755.55109UPUP772023-07-27
loans to private sectorhk.loanprivate998482010087500-1-6DownDown42024-04-30
Manufacturing PMIhk.manpmi49.250.6-3-3DownDown392024-05-31
money supply m0hk.msm05838095833940-1UPDown192024-04-30
money supply m1hk.msm1262164025560003-3UPDown462024-04-30
money supply m2hk.msm2175532001718630026UPUP822024-04-30
money supply m3hk.msm3175948001722620026UPUP822024-04-30
Producer Price Indexhk.producerprices113.8114.8-14UPUP392023-12-31
PPI Indexhk.producerpricesch2.73-10-7UPDown702023-12-31
retail sales MoMhk.retailsales-8.8-7.616-4500DownDown22024-03-31
retail saleshk.retailsalesan-16.5-8.692-226DownDown282024-04-30
unemployment ratehk.unemploymentrate32.93-12UPDown482024-01-31
youth unemployment ratehk.ytunemploymentrate5.96.2-511UPUP712024-04-30