India external debt

India external debt: 663800 (2.41%)
Last Update: March 31, 2024

India external debt closed down 663800 as of March 31, 2024 from 648200 from the previous month and 573736 from last year.

India external debt Analytics & Data

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India external debt

2024-03-31 663800
2023-12-31 648200
2023-09-30 635324
2023-06-30 628886
2023-03-31 624192
2022-12-31 611737
2022-09-30 605783
2022-06-30 612824
2022-03-31 619585
2021-12-31 613639
2021-09-30 603387
2021-06-30 575369
2021-03-31 573736
2020-12-31 563853
2020-09-30 556969
2020-06-30 554500
2020-03-31 558400
2019-12-31 563938
2019-09-30 557366
2019-06-30 556939
2019-03-31 543112
2018-12-31 521181
2018-09-30 509766
2018-06-30 513122

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India external debt Statistics

external debtin.externaldebt663800.0648200216UPUP482024-03-31

India external debt Factors

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India external debt Historical Data

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What is the India external debt

India's external debt refers to the amount of money that the Indian government and other entities owe to foreign lenders. This debt can be in the form of loans, bonds, or other financial instruments. The level of India's external debt is closely monitored by policymakers and economists, as it can have a significant impact on the country's economy and financial stability. High levels of external debt can make it more difficult for India to borrow money in the future, as lenders may be hesitant to lend to a country with a large debt burden. Additionally, servicing this debt can put strain on the government's finances, as interest payments can consume a large portion of the budget. It is important for India to carefully manage its external debt to ensure that it does not become unsustainable.