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India government debt to gdp: 86.54 (1.56%)
Last Update: December 31, 2022

India government debt to gdp closed down 86.54 as of December 31, 2022 from 85.21 from the previous month and 65.6 from last year.

India government debt to gdp Analytics & Data

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India government debt to gdp

2022-12-31 86.54
2021-12-31 85.21
2020-12-31 89.41
2019-12-31 69.62
2018-12-31 68.3
2017-12-31 68.9
2016-12-31 68.15
2015-12-31 68.57
2014-12-31 66.58
2013-12-31 67.06
2012-12-31 66.65
2011-12-31 67.36
2010-12-31 65.6
2009-12-31 70.6
2008-12-31 72.21
2007-12-31 71.44
2006-12-31 74.66
2005-12-31 79.07
2004-12-31 82.13
2003-12-31 83.23

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India government debt to gdp Statistics

government debt to gdpin.govdebtgdp86.5485.21232UPUP02022-01-31

India government debt to gdp Factors

What is the India government debt to gdp

India government debt to GDP is the ratio of the country's total government debt to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is a significant indicator of a government's ability to manage its fiscal responsibilities and repay its loans. This webpage provides users with data, trends, and analysis for India's government debt to GDP, helping them understand the country's financial health.

The data section presents both current and historical numbers in the form of interactive charts and tables. Users can explore the debt to GDP ratio over different time periods, enabling them to identify trends and patterns. The charts can be customized based on specific requirements, such as comparing India's debt to GDP ratio with other countries or tracking the changes over multiple years.

In addition, the webpage also includes comprehensive analysis and insights regarding India's government debt. Users can view reports and expert commentary outlining the reasons behind the debt fluctuations, factors impacting its growth, and potential implications for the country's economy. These analytics provide a comprehensive understanding of the debt situation, allowing users to make informed decisions and predictions.

One key feature of the webpage is the ability to export historical data for free, empowering users to perform further in-depth analysis on their own. This feature is particularly useful for researchers, economists, or anyone interested in conducting their own statistical studies or modeling.

Moreover, users can leverage MacroVar's signals, trends, and analysis tools. MacroVar assists in identifying key turning points and potential future scenarios, helping users anticipate changes in India's government debt to GDP. These insights can be invaluable for investors, policymakers, and businesses looking to understand the implications of the debt ratio on various sectors and plan accordingly.

In conclusion, this webpage provides a comprehensive overview of India's government debt to GDP through current and historical data, trend analysis, and insights. It offers the necessary tools to interpret and understand the debt ratio's implications, allowing users to make informed decisions. With free access to historical data and additional analysis features, this resource is a valuable tool for researchers, economists, and professionals within the field.

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capital flowsin.capitalflows-88.7-51.1673-47DownUP02023-10-31
car registrationsin.carregistrations160306168912-5-10DownDown432024-02-29
cash reserve ratioin.cashreserveratio4.54.500DownDown512024-06-07
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Composite PMIin.comppmi60.561.5-22UPUP472024-06-30
consumer confidencein.consconfidence98.595.1458UPUP902024-08-31
consumer price index cpiin.cpi187.6186.705UPUP282024-05-31
current accountin.currentaccount-10503.7-11398.2-829UPDown522024-03-31
current account to gdpin.currentaccountgdp-1.2-2-40-72UPUP02023-12-31
external debtin.externaldebt648192635324213UPUP362024-06-30
fiscal expenditurein.fiscalexp4234704442540-90-90DownDown22024-03-31
foreign direct investmentin.fdi595750541831UPUP602024-03-31
foreign exchange reservesin.fxreserves65582065151012UPUP412024-08-31
Real GDPin.realgdp47237.843806.8821UPUP352024-03-31
gdp growthin.gdpgrowth2.11.911-91UPDown132023-09-30
gdp growth annualin.gdpgrowthan7.88.4-7388DownUP982024-03-31
gold reservesin.goldres803.58800.78016UPUP532024-03-31
government budgetin.govbudget-5.63-6.44-1314DownDown02024-12-31
Government budgetin.govbudgetvalue-2101400-16536700-871473UPDown802024-04-30
government debt to gdpin.govdebtgdp86.5485.21232UPUP02022-01-31
government revenuesin.govrev2133342788870-92-91DownDown22024-03-31
housing indexin.housingindex113116-36UPUP02023-12-31
industrial productionin.indproduction54.9219DownUP782024-04-30
industrial production momin.indproductionmm8.2-4.2-295720UPUP972024-01-31
inflation cpiin.inflationcpi4.754.83-210DownUP552024-05-31
interbank ratein.interbankrate7.37.308UPUP682024-05-21
interest ratein.interestrate6.56.5020UPUP772023-08-10
loan growthin.loangrowth19.519.6-1-6DownDown122024-05-31
Manufacturing PMIin.manpmi57.558.8-2-1UPDown302024-06-30
money supply m1in.msm160903.759557.729UPUP242024-02-29
money supply m2in.msm261855.561560.306UPUP122024-08-31
money supply m3in.msm325253024830325UPUP822024-07-31
Producer Price Indexin.producerprices153151.811UPUP382024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYin.producerpricesch2.611.26107-175UPUP02024-05-31
reverse repo ratein.reverserepo3.353.3500DownDown682022-03-31
services pmiin.servpmi60.260.8-13DownUP522024-06-30
unemployment ratein.unemploymentrate7.648.01-5-6DownDown02026-12-31
youth unemployment ratein.ytunemploymentrate22.924.9-80DownDown02021-01-31