Netherlands fiscal expenditure

Netherlands fiscal expenditure: 28.8 (-20%)
Last Update: March 31, 2024

Netherlands fiscal expenditure closed down 28.8 as of March 31, 2024 from 36 from the previous month and 61.1 from last year.

Netherlands fiscal expenditure Analytics & Data

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Netherlands fiscal expenditure

2024-03-31 28.8
2023-12-31 36
2023-09-30 67
2023-06-30 95.7
2023-03-31 69.8
2022-12-31 84.9
2022-09-30 84.3
2022-06-30 66
2022-03-31 61.2
2021-12-31 62.3
2021-09-30 82.9
2021-06-30 72.7
2021-03-31 61.1
2020-12-31 66.5
2020-09-30 74.9
2020-06-30 55.3
2020-03-31 58.5
2019-12-31 48.7
2019-09-30 46.8
2019-06-30 70.1

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Netherlands fiscal expenditure Statistics

fiscal expenditurenl.fiscalexp28.836-20-53DownDown22024-03-31

Netherlands fiscal expenditure Factors

Netherlands News Stream


What is the Netherlands fiscal expenditure

Welcome to our webpage on Netherlands fiscal expenditure! Here you will find a comprehensive collection of data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts detailing the fiscal expenditure of the Netherlands.

Netherlands fiscal expenditure refers to the total amount of money that the Dutch government spends on its various activities and responsibilities. This includes expenses related to public services, welfare programs, infrastructure development, defense, healthcare, education, and more. Understanding this expenditure is crucial for policymakers, economists, investors, and analysts as it provides insights into the government's priorities and the overall health of the economy.

Interpreting Netherlands fiscal expenditure requires analyzing both the current and historical data. By examining trends over time, you can identify patterns, shifts, and fluctuations. This information can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of government policies, anticipate changes in economic conditions, and make informed decisions regarding investments and financial planning. It is essential to consider other economic indicators, such as GDP growth, inflation rates, and employment figures, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fiscal situation.

Our webpage offers a range of resources to assist in your analysis. You will find interactive charts and graphs illustrating expenditure trends over time, allowing you to visualize the data effortlessly. We also provide insightful analytics and signals, highlighting notable patterns and shifts that may impact the economy.

For those seeking to conduct in-depth analysis, we offer the option to export historical data for free. This feature enables you to manipulate the data in your preferred software, perform further calculations, and create custom charts and visualizations.

To enhance your analysis, we also offer MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. MacroVar utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify hidden patterns and predict future trends in Netherlands fiscal expenditure. This cutting-edge tool helps you stay ahead of the curve and make well-informed decisions in a quickly changing economic landscape.

Whether you are a researcher, economist, investor, or merely interested in the fiscal landscape of the Netherlands, our webpage provides the data, analysis, and tools you need. Explore the interactive charts, examine the trends and signals, and export historical data to delve deeper into your analysis. With our comprehensive resources, you can navigate the complexities of Netherlands fiscal expenditure with confidence.

Netherlands Financial Markets

Netherlands ETFEWN37.690.5-1-1.8436349.67630.006410.029780.004260.15084
Netherlands 10-Year Bond YieldNL.10Y3.052-10.750.9962940.597-0.01707-0.04833-0.059190.28397
Netherlands 5-Year Bond YieldNL.5Y2.716-10.50.4651243.14890.00967-0.0338-0.031380.29952
Netherlands 2-year bond yieldNL.2Y3.126-10.50.6064339.5450.00353-0.02282-0.025560.49426
Netherlands Yield CurveNL.YC0.026-112.3097662.27880.73333-1.5098-0.071435.50008
Netherlands Credit Default SwapsCDS.Netherlands13.87320-0.25-0.1226650.9416-0.004080.0367-0.03323-0.22743
Netherlands Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradenl.balanceoftrade1257814100-1129UPUP632024-05-31
bank lending ratenl.banks.lendingrate3.813.5281214UPUP982023-06-30
banks balance sheetnl.banks.bs286029028448001-2DownDown112024-03-31
building permitsnl.buildingpermits723055173137UPUP932024-03-31
business confidencenl.bizconfidence-2.8-3.6-2265UPDown902024-05-31
capacity utilizationnl.caputilization78.481-3-2DownDown342024-03-31
capital flowsnl.capitalflows2157829706-27157DownUP902023-12-31
car registrationsnl.carregistrations2843237119-23-4DownDown482024-04-30
central bank balance sheetnl.cb.assets436985451536-3-21DownDown42024-03-31
consumer confidencenl.consconfidence-23.0-225-41UPUP02024-06-30
consumer price index cpinl.cpi129.69129.4203UPUP542024-05-31
core inflation ratenl.coreinflationrate2.62.54-57DownDown52024-05-31
current accountnl.currentaccount2261431727-2975UPUP882023-12-31
current account to gdpnl.currentaccountgdp11.19.31929UPUP02023-01-31
external debtnl.externaldebt35001903709890-6-5DownDown192023-12-31
fiscal expenditurenl.fiscalexp28.836-20-53DownDown22024-03-31
foreign direct investmentnl.fdi-309384-28190997685DownDown972023-12-31
foreign exchange reservesnl.fxreserves667126365957UPUP362024-03-31
Real GDPnl.realgdp201663201880-06UPUP662024-06-30
gdp growthnl.gdpgrowth-0.10.3-133-80DownUP422024-03-31
gdp growth annualnl.gdpgrowthan-0.7-0.475-111DownDown222024-12-31
gold reservesnl.goldres612.45612.4500DownDown682021-06-30
government budgetnl.govbudget-0.9-0.1800-83UPUP02023-01-31
Government budgetnl.govbudgetvalue4.4-1.3-438-10UPDown682024-03-31
government debtnl.govdebt48067146690736UPUP332023-12-31
government debt to gdpnl.govdebtgdp46.850.1-7-29DownDown02024-01-31
government revenuesnl.govrev33.234.6-4-50DownDown22024-03-31
housing indexnl.housingindex133.9132.717UPUP462024-04-30
industrial productionnl.indproduction-1.6-3.5-54-43UPUP02024-04-30
industrial production momnl.indproductionmm0.5-0.9-156-126UPUP352024-04-30
inflation cpinl.inflationcpi2.72.70-53UPDown282024-06-30
interbank ratenl.interbankrate2.642.34513-598UPUP22023-02-28
interest ratenl.interestrate4.54.508900UPUP992024-04-01
loans to private sectornl.loanprivate30548730415301UPUP822024-02-29
long term unemployment ratenl.ltunemploymentrate0.50.425-50DownDown212023-12-31
Manufacturing PMInl.manpmi52.551.3219UPUP882024-05-31
money supply m0nl.msm0848528442511UPUP232024-03-31
money supply m1nl.msm1503594504518-0-14DownDown112024-02-29
money supply m2nl.msm2109682010963400-2DownDown92024-02-29
money supply m3nl.msm3111472011020401-2DownDown112024-03-31
Producer Price Indexnl.producerprices135136.5-1-3DownDown282023-12-31
Produce Prices YoYnl.producerpricesch-4.2-6.8-38-118DownDown382023-08-31
retail sales MoMnl.retailsales-0.8-0.1700-260DownDown02024-04-30
retail salesnl.retailsalesan2.34.8-52-49DownDown302024-04-30
unemployment ratenl.unemploymentrate3.63.7-33DownUP662024-05-31
youth unemployment ratenl.ytunemploymentrate8.78.2643UPUP902022-11-30
Construction Confidencenl.constr.conf3.92.27700-6900DownDown32002024-01-22
Consumer Confidencenl.esi.cons-14.3-17.6-1900-5100UPUP02024-01-22
Retail Confidencenl.esi.ret4.34.30-2700DownDown62002024-01-22
Services Confidencenl.esi.serv2.92.8400-4000DownDown72002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositenl.esi.conf93.994.9-1-6DownDown372023-06-30