New Zealand housing index

New Zealand housing index: 2346 (-0.3%)
Last Update: May 31, 2024

New Zealand housing index closed down 2346 as of May 31, 2024 from 2353 from the previous month and 2257 from last year.

New Zealand housing index Analytics & Data

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New Zealand housing index

2024-05-31 2346
2024-04-30 2353
2024-03-31 2348
2024-02-29 2351
2024-01-31 2350
2023-12-31 2298
2023-11-30 2321
2023-10-31 2304
2023-09-30 2284
2023-08-31 2269
2023-07-31 2257
2023-06-30 2264
2023-05-31 2257
2023-04-30 2292
2023-03-31 2305
2023-02-28 2337
2023-01-31 2374
2022-12-31 2399
2022-11-30 2401
2022-10-31 2415

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New Zealand housing index Statistics

housing indexnz.housingindex23462353-04UPUP02024-05-31

New Zealand housing index Factors

New Zealand News Stream


What is the New Zealand housing index

Welcome to our webpage showcasing the New Zealand Housing Index! Here you will find a wealth of current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and charts to help you make informed decisions regarding the New Zealand housing market.

The New Zealand Housing Index is a comprehensive measure of the overall performance and fluctuations in the country's housing sector. It takes into account various factors such as house prices, sales volumes, and rental yields to provide a holistic view of the market.

Interpreting the New Zealand Housing Index is relatively straightforward. A higher index value indicates growth and positive momentum in the housing market, while a lower value suggests a slowdown or contraction. By analyzing the index over different time periods, you can gain insights into long-term trends, cyclical patterns, and the overall health of the housing market.

On our webpage, you will find interactive charts that enable you to visualize these trends and compare them with other relevant economic indicators. Our analytics tools allow you to dive deeper into the data, conducting your own analysis and identifying correlations or anomalies that may impact the housing market.

One of the most valuable features of our webpage is the ability to export historical data for free. This empowers you to conduct further analysis using your preferred software, create custom charts and graphs, or integrate the data into your own models.

To enhance your decision-making process, we also offer MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. These are proprietary tools that leverage advanced algorithms and models to identify potential turning points, market sentiments, and predictive patterns within the New Zealand housing market. By incorporating these signals into your analysis, you can improve your accuracy and stay ahead of evolving market conditions.

Whether you are a real estate professional, investor, or researcher, our webpage provides the essential information and tools you need to navigate the New Zealand housing market with confidence. Explore the data, discover the trends, and leverage the power of analytics to make informed decisions that align with your goals.

New Zealand Financial Markets

Dow Jones New ZealandNZDOW305.820-1-1.6171747.4680.00069-0.000560.031360.0016
NZX 50NZ5011123.10-1-1.7265954.24960.00410.03702-0.01508-0.04467
New Zealand ETFENZL42.48-0.5-1-2.0451744.68240.020170.02091-0.03213-0.02591
New Zealand Dollar US Dollar (NZD/USD)NZDUSD 1.6955011.4418348.1944-0.009-0.012870.011510.04428
New Zealand 5-Year Bond YieldNZ.5Y4.174-1-1-1.2144222.659-0.00406-0.03936-0.1244-0.04725
New Zealand 2-Year Bond YieldNZ.2Y4.411-1-1-1.8742720.684-0.03012-0.04771-0.15853-0.08162
New Zealand Yield CurveNZ.YC-0.032-113.3914468.9662-0.69524-0.76119-0.91645-0.93305
New Zealand Credit Default SwapsCDS.New-Zealand21.4-1-0.75-0.2811528.31580000.37179
New Zealand Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradenz.balanceoftrade91476-81-59UPDown372024-04-30
bank lending ratenz.banks.lendingrate12.6612.62027UPUP852023-07-31
banks balance sheetnz.banks.bs70599270337303UPUP242024-03-31
building permitsnz.buildingpermits29292936-0-15DownDown222024-03-31
business confidencenz.bizconfidence11.214.9-25-136DownUP222024-05-31
capacity utilizationnz.caputilization90.291.4-1-3DownDown02024-03-31
capital flowsnz.capitalflows12632575711977UPUP832023-12-31
car registrationsnz.carregistrations36124591-21-27DownDown282024-03-31
central bank balance sheetnz.cb.assets95823948381-7UPDown192024-03-31
Composite PMInz.comppmi44.747.3-5-11DownDown172024-05-31
consumer confidencenz.consconfidence93.288.95-11UPDown222024-03-31
consumer price index cpinz.cpi12671259119UPUP982024-03-31
core inflation ratenz.coreinflationrate3.74.4-16118DownUP732024-03-31
current accountnz.currentaccount-4360.0-7975-4537UPDown672024-03-31
current account to gdpnz.currentaccountgdp-6.9-8.8-22123DownDown02023-01-31
deposit interest ratenz.depositrate5.435.410-1UPDown312023-08-15
external debtnz.externaldebt352682343073321UPUP932023-12-31
fiscal expenditurenz.fiscalexp161822150956763UPUP02023-01-31
foreign direct investmentnz.fdi27831769574UPUP652023-12-31
foreign exchange reservesnz.fxreserves2711831712-1415DownUP682024-03-31
Real GDPnz.realgdp7056870569-05UPUP232023-12-31
gdp growthnz.gdpgrowth-0.1-0.3-67-90DownUP382023-12-31
gdp growth annualnz.gdpgrowthan-0.3-0.6-50-400DownDown52023-12-31
government budgetnz.govbudget-2.4-2.7-11-44DownUP02023-12-31
Government budgetnz.govbudgetvalue-9446-9691-3-49DownUP02023-12-31
government debtnz.govdebt15527312887320287UPUP02023-01-31
government debt to gdpnz.govdebtgdp35.929.820164UPUP02022-01-31
government revenuesnz.govrev153011141627890UPUP02023-01-31
housing indexnz.housingindex23462353-04UPUP02024-05-31
industrial productionnz.indproduction-3.70.2-1950-1025DownDown72023-09-30
inflation cpinz.inflationcpi44.7-15-18DownDown402024-09-30
interbank ratenz.interbankrate5.655.6400DownDown562023-08-15
interest ratenz.interestrate5.55.50120UPUP672023-07-12
loans to private sectornz.loanprivate13493813480702UPUP262024-03-31
manufacturing pminz.manpmi47.248.9-3-3UPDown572024-05-31
money supply m0nz.msm089629082-1-2DownDown22024-03-31
money supply m1nz.msm11180681157762-4DownDown282024-03-31
money supply m3nz.msm341140440768414UPUP282024-03-31
Producer Price Indexnz.producerprices14091397119UPUP972024-03-31
retail sales MoMnz.retailsales0.5-1.9-126-82UPDown02024-03-31
retail salesnz.retailsalesan-2.4-4.1-41-136DownDown272024-03-31
services pminz.servpmi4346.6-8-18DownDown92024-05-31
unemployment ratenz.unemploymentrate4.347-9UPDown572024-03-31
youth unemployment ratenz.ytunemploymentrate12.111.92-14UPDown162023-03-31
Money Supply M2nz.msm2150882153357-22DownUP32017-01-31