Nigeria Composite PMI

Nigeria Composite PMI: 51.1 (-3.04%)
Last Update: March 31, 2020

Nigeria Composite PMI closed down 51.1 as of March 31, 2020 from 52.7 from the previous month and 3.64 from last year.

Nigeria Composite PMI Analytics & Data

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Nigeria Composite PMI

2020-03-31 51.1
2020-02-29 52.7
2020-01-31 51.1
2019-12-31 52.7
2018-12-31 47.53
2017-12-31 48.04
2016-12-31 3.46
2015-12-31 3.43
2014-12-31 3.57
2013-12-31 3.67
2012-12-31 3.44
2011-12-31 3.37
2010-12-31 3.64
2009-12-31 3.81
2008-12-31 3.69
2007-12-31 3.58

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Nigeria Composite PMI Statistics

Composite PMIng.comppmi51.152.7-31304UPUP02020-03-31

Nigeria Composite PMI Factors

What is the Nigeria Composite PMI

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to Nigeria's Composite Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) data. Here, we provide you with current and historical data, along with various analytics, charts, and trends to help you understand and interpret the PMI.

The Nigeria Composite PMI is a reliable economic indicator that measures the health of the private sector in Nigeria. It combines both the Manufacturing PMI and the Services PMI, giving you a comprehensive overview of the country's business activity.

Interpreting the Nigeria Composite PMI: - A PMI reading above 50 indicates expansion in the private sector, signaling economic growth. - A PMI reading below 50 suggests contraction, indicating a slowdown in economic activity. - The higher the PMI reading above 50, the stronger the expansion, and vice versa.

By referring to our webpage, you can access the latest PMI data, presented in interactive charts and graphs. These visualizations enable you to quickly grasp the PMI trends over time and identify any significant changes in the private sector's performance.

Our analytics section offers deeper insights into the data by analyzing historical trends and providing information on sector-specific performance. This analysis allows you to understand the factors influencing the private sector's growth or contraction, enabling more informed decision-making.

One of the benefits of our webpage is the ability to export the historical data for free. This feature allows you to download the PMI data and perform further analysis based on your specific needs or to integrate it into your own modeling systems.

Additionally, we offer MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis alongside the PMI data. These features provide you with a comprehensive understanding of broader macroeconomic indicators and their impact on Nigeria's private sector performance. You can utilize this information to anticipate potential future changes and adjust your strategies accordingly.

We believe that by offering current and historical PMI data, along with various analytical tools, our webpage equips you with valuable insights into Nigeria's private sector performance. Whether you are an analyst, economist, or business professional, our comprehensive data and tools will assist you in making well-informed decisions. Start exploring now and unlock the potential of Nigeria's Composite PMI.

Nigeria Financial Markets

NSE All ShareALLSHARE71230.5111.6012974.65490.00250.001650.060980.61846
Nigeria ETFNGE7.75-0.5-1-1.5952238.60640.01440.02513-0.074680.053
Nigerian Naira US Dollar (NGN/USD)NGNUSD 788.33011.1122150.96690.00169-0.002110.021760.78683
Nigeria 10-year bond yieldNG.10Y15.433112.1344667.39370.008230.032510.049440.07525
Nigeria 2-Year Bond YieldNG.2Y15.14700000000
Nigeria Yield CurveNG.YC0.784-1-1-3.533529.4427-0.73442-0.69706-0.59017-0.72179
Nigeria Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeng.balanceoftrade170318012532703652UPUP872023-12-31
business confidenceng.bizconfidence-15.2-1.5913-152DownDown322020-12-01
capacity utilizationng.caputilization54.956.4-337UPUP02023-06-30
cash reserve rationg.cashreserveratio4545038UPUP992024-02-29
Composite PMIng.comppmi51.152.7-31304UPUP02020-03-31
consumer confidenceng.consconfidence-14.8-21.2-30-1580DownDown02020-12-31
consumer price index cping.cpi733.4718234UPUP992024-05-31
core inflation rateng.coreinflationrate27.0426.8135UPUP922024-05-31
current accountng.currentaccount3280287014-200UPUP232023-06-30
current account to gdpng.currentaccountgdp-0.3-0.5-40-110DownDown02023-01-31
deposit interest rateng.depositrate7.687.95-369UPUP862023-06-30
external debtng.externaldebt41594.543159.2-430UPUP02023-09-30
fiscal expenditureng.fiscalexp4040.184175.35-390UPUP02023-09-30
foreign exchange reservesng.fxreserves32690321502-7DownDown562024-05-31
Real GDPng.realgdp1827820021773300-169DownUP502024-03-31
gdp growthng.gdpgrowth-16.112-234-245DownDown02024-09-30
gdp growth annualng.gdpgrowthan2.983.46-14484DownUP982024-03-31
gold reservesng.goldres21.3721.4600DownDown512021-06-30
government budgetng.govbudget-6.1-522336DownDown02024-01-31
Government budgetng.govbudgetvalue-2347.16-2665.26-1288DownDown02023-09-30
government debt to gdpng.govdebtgdp38.8382123UPUP02023-01-31
government revenuesng.govrev1693.021510.091270UPUP02023-09-30
industrial productionng.indproduction-9.715.2-16431DownDown02023-06-30
interest rateng.interestrate18.7518.5134UPUP852023-07-25
lending rateng.lendingrate13.8514.07-214UPUP912023-06-30
manufacturing pming.manpmi42.849.4-13-16DownDown182023-06-30
money supply m0ng.msm0386933036935705130UPUP972024-03-31
money supply m1ng.msm13248990030277200752UPUP962024-03-31
money supply m2ng.msm29233260093968500-270UPUP972024-03-31
services pming.servpmi51.152.7-33UPUP602023-06-30
unemployment rateng.unemploymentrate54.219-65DownDown02021-09-30
youth unemployment rateng.ytunemploymentrate8.67.219-66DownDown02021-09-30