Norway Real GDP

Norway Real GDP: 1131252 (0.17%)
Last Update: March 31, 2024

Norway Real GDP closed down 1131252 as of March 31, 2024 from 1129305 from the previous month and 895250 from last year.

Norway Real GDP Analytics & Data

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Norway Real GDP

2024-03-31 1131252
2023-12-31 1129305
2023-09-30 1111885
2023-06-30 1117118
2023-03-31 1121024
2022-12-31 1119423
2022-09-30 934758
2022-06-30 922770
2022-03-31 911302
2021-12-31 917927
2021-09-30 935894
2021-06-30 905355
2021-03-31 895250
2020-12-31 900856
2020-09-30 893341
2020-06-30 798949
2020-03-31 842040
2019-12-31 856575
2019-09-30 843810
2019-06-30 843942

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Norway Real GDP Statistics

Real GDPno.realgdp11312501129300026UPUP982024-03-31

Norway Real GDP Factors

What is the Norway Real GDP

Welcome to our webpage showcasing current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts for Norway Real GDP. In this article, we will explain what Norway Real GDP is and how it should be interpreted. We also provide users the option to export historical data for free for further analysis. Additionally, we offer MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis to provide comprehensive insights into the Norway Real GDP.

Norway Real GDP represents the inflation-adjusted measure of the total value of all goods and services produced within Norway's borders in a given period. It is a crucial economic indicator that provides a comprehensive view of the country's economic performance over time.

Interpreting Norway Real GDP allows us to understand the health and growth trajectory of the Norwegian economy. A positive growth in Real GDP indicates economic expansion, while a negative growth signifies a contraction. By analyzing the trends and changes in Real GDP over a specific period, economists, policymakers, investors, and businesses can assess the overall economic well-being, make informed decisions, and predict future economic prospects.

Our webpage offers up-to-date Real GDP data and charts, allowing you to track the current and historical performance of Norway's economy accurately. By analyzing the data visually through various charts and graphs, you can identify patterns and trends, observe the impact of events or policies on the economy, and make comparisons across different time periods.

To support your in-depth analysis, we provide free access to export historical data. This feature enables you to conduct further research and analysis using external tools or software, empowering you to customize and delve deeper into the data for more comprehensive economic insights.

Furthermore, our platform integrates MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. MacroVar is a cutting-edge analytical tool that utilizes Machine Learning to capture complex patterns and relationships within economic data. By leveraging MacroVar, you can obtain additional signals, trends, and predictive analyses to enhance your understanding of the Norway Real GDP and make more informed decisions.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the dynamic world of Norway Real GDP through our comprehensive webpage. With its current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and customizable charts, you can gain valuable insights to better comprehend, anticipate, and respond to changes in Norway's economic landscape.

Norway Financial Markets

Oslo OBXOBX1537.61112.0284458.28860.006660.014460.033090.10131
Norway ETFENOR22.31120-0.75-1.1011544.2530.00050.020870.00501-0.03665
Norwegian Krone US Dollar (NOK/USD)NOKUSD11.15560.511.8363863.3968-0.00263-0.003980.018630.11507
Norway 10-Year Bond YieldNO.10Y3.878-10.750.9619639.4094-0.0288-0.04764-0.057820.21644
Norway 5-Year Bond YieldNO.5Y3.926-10.751.3603241.9784-0.00783-0.02798-0.056930.15132
Norway 2-year bond yieldNO.2Y3.1800000000
Norway Yield CurveNO.YC-0.2680.511.5964451.83680.067730.038760.24074-0.51184
Norway Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeno.balanceoftrade868854404397-13UPDown572023-11-30
building permitsno.buildingpermits16241925-16-27DownDown202024-03-31
business confidenceno.bizconfidence0-4.3-100-100DownDown02020-03-31
capacity utilizationno.caputilization78.578.8-03DownUP872023-06-30
capital flowsno.capitalflows26975021459726-481UPUP32023-12-31
car registrationsno.carregistrations74009278-20-48DownDown72024-03-31
central bank balance sheetno.cb.assets1865980017776800528UPUP962024-02-29
consumer confidenceno.consconfidence-16.3-24.2-33-372UPDown52024-06-30
consumer price index cpino.cpi133.5133.7-03UPUP422024-05-31
core inflation rateno.coreinflationrate4.14.4-7-39DownDown172024-05-31
current accountno.currentaccount249025243370210DownUP522024-03-31
current account to gdpno.currentaccountgdp17.529.5-4141UPUP02023-01-31
deposit interest rateno.depositrate2.752.7501000UPUP02023-07-31
external debtno.externaldebt78194207519900427UPUP682023-12-31
fiscal expenditureno.fiscalexp5128134576341217UPUP482024-03-31
foreign direct investmentno.fdi-6135-35834-83-63DownUP702023-12-31
foreign exchange reservesno.fxreserves871715897526-32UPUP182024-04-30
Real GDPno.realgdp11312501129300026UPUP982024-03-31
gdp growthno.gdpgrowth0.21.6-880DownUP02024-03-31
gdp growth annualno.gdpgrowthan-0.80.4-300-27DownUP602024-03-31
government budgetno.govbudget16.325.6-3618UPUP02024-01-31
Government budgetno.govbudgetvalue53762179640-70-156DownUP222024-03-31
government debtno.govdebt708529796757-1111DownUP542023-12-31
government debt to gdpno.govdebtgdp44.336.52153UPUP02023-01-31
government revenuesno.govrev566575637274-1166DownUP902024-03-31
housing indexno.housingindex334.1433114UPUP532024-03-31
housing startsno.housingstarts20222095-3-11UPDown432024-02-29
industrial productionno.indproduction3.44.6-26-13UPDown02024-04-30
industrial production momno.indproductionmm-0.63.6-117-200DownDown02024-04-30
inflation cpino.inflationcpi33.6-17-55DownDown122024-05-31
interbank rateno.interbankrate4.674.6802DownDown82023-08-15
interest rateno.interestrate3.753.750200UPUP02023-07-31
lending rateno.lendingrate4.754.750111UPUP792023-07-31
loan growthno.loangrowth3.23.5-9-40DownDown22024-04-30
loans to private sectorno.loanprivate2269140226789003UPUP132024-03-31
long term unemployment rateno.ltunemploymentrate0.50.425-44DownDown92023-12-31
Manufacturing PMIno.manpmi52.352.6-110UPUP862024-05-31
money supply m0no.msm01613776930713329UPUP792024-03-31
money supply m1no.msm1269262026280902-6DownDown52024-03-31
money supply m2no.msm2311875030492902-1UPDown92024-03-31
new home salesno.newhomesales703168992-20DownDown72024-03-31
Producer Price Indexno.producerprices114.9115.9-13UPUP622024-05-31
PPI Indexno.producerpricesch3.2-4.5-171-114UPUP582024-05-31
retail sales MoMno.retailsales-0.30.3-200-75DownUP02024-04-30
retail salesno.retailsalesan0.90.729-117UPUP02024-04-30
unemployment rateno.unemploymentrate4.34723UPUP802024-04-30
youth unemployment rateno.ytunemploymentrate1110.73-15UPDown152024-03-31