Taiwan current account

Taiwan’s current account decreased to 25960.0 by -5.01% on January 2021 from 27330.0 in the previous month. On a year on year basis Taiwan’s current account increased by 18.76%. Taiwan’s current account trend is up since the current value of 25960.0 is higher than the 12 month moving average of 19531.3. and the 12 month moving average slope is up. Taiwan’s current account 5-year percentile is currently at 43.33%.

Taiwan current account Chart

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Taiwan current account

Taiwan Current account Statistics

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current accounttw.currentaccount3067932073-4.3579.17UPUP98.332022-05-18

Taiwan Financial Markets

Taiwan WeightedTWII17548.7-0.500.2542748.88040.00164-0.00063-0.019530.05898
Taiwan ETFEWT62.1-0.5-0.25-0.7052548.16710.01173-0.00305-0.023890.03604
Taiwan Dollar US Dollar (TWD/USD)TWDUSD 28.69560.513.5961366.2956-0.004050.005120.021940.00839
Taiwan 2-year bond yieldTW.2Y0.680.513.5788892.140900.638550.743594.23077
Taiwan Yield CurveTW.YC0.24-0.5-0.5-0.3534449.5833-4-15.79-15.790.16129

Taiwan Financial News Stream

Taiwan Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradetw.balanceoftrade5033.844639.628.5-14.93UPDown58.332022-08-11
bank lending ratetw.banks.lendingrate2.4412.447-0.00245198-0.0739757-1.0-1.00.06666672020-07-31
banks balance sheettw.banks.bs54690600546394000.095.93UPUP98.332022-07-31
capital flowstw.capitalflows3245535185-7.7653.79UPUP98.332022-05-18
car registrationstw.carregistrations22705.322685.50.091.2UPUP1002022-07-22
central bank balance sheettw.cb.assets1886930018938300-0.361.19DownUP88.332022-07-22
consumer confidencetw.consconfidence63.0564.14-1.7-18.03DownDown1.672022-07-27
consumer price index cpitw.cpi107.82107.410.383.76UPUP1002022-07-07
core inflation ratetw.coreinflationrate2.532.472.43143.27UPUP1002022-05-04
current accounttw.currentaccount3067932073-4.3579.17UPUP98.332022-05-18
current account to gdptw.currentaccountgdp9.510.5-0.09523810.376812-1.01.002019-02-28
external debttw.externaldebt2208272135923.3913.23UPUP1002022-05-23
fiscal expendituretw.fiscalexp3435.433331.213.1333.84UPUP02022-07-02
foreign direct investmenttw.fdi4488.961176.26281.631176.68UPUP1002022-07-31
foreign exchange reservestw.fxreserves5478.115489.63-0.210.87UPUP902022-08-06
Real GDPtw.realgdp544285053858801.0615.17UPUP1002022-05-26
gdp growthtw.gdpgrowth-0.741.06-169.81-144.31DownDown13.332022-07-31
gdp growth annualtw.gdpgrowthan3.064.86-37.0462.77DownUP43.332022-04-29
gold reservestw.goldres423.63422.70.0022001401.0-1.00.4916672020-05-01
government budgettw.govbudget-4.5-1.32.461544-1.0-1.002019-02-28
Government budgettw.govbudgetvalue-312.81-455.8-31.37-168.61DownDown02022-07-02
government debt to gdptw.govdebtgdp28.229.3-0.03754270.0180505-1.01.002019-01-31
government revenuestw.govrev3122.622875.418.647.6UPUP02022-07-02
housing indextw.housingindex139.94377.44-62.92-52.48DownDown1.672022-08-06
industrial productiontw.indproduction0.734.48-83.71-95.94DownDown202022-07-31
industrial production momtw.indproductionmm-0.41-1.04-60.58-54.44DownUP28.332022-07-31
inflation cpitw.inflationcpi3.363.59-6.4176.34UPUP952022-08-06
interbank ratetw.interbankrate0.480.48001.0-1.00.5083332021-06-02
interest ratetw.interestrate1.1251.375-0.181818-0.181818-1.0-1.00.01666672020-03-19
loan growthtw.loangrowth7.488.17-8.45-7.43DownDown78.332022-07-31
loans to private sectortw.loanprivate14231700140173001.537.93UPUP1002022-07-31
money supply m0tw.msm0281189028063300.212.08UPUP96.672022-07-31
money supply m1tw.msm11021490010279100-0.629.9UPUP952022-07-31
money supply m2tw.msm255826200555437000.517.65UPUP1002022-07-31
Producer Price Indextw.producerprices118.25119.65-1.1713.11UPUP96.672022-08-06
PPI Indextw.producerpricesch13.1116.45-20.38.89DownUP902022-08-06
retail sales MoMtw.retailsales1.9-6.2-130.64-113.16DownUP552022-07-31
retail salestw.retailsalesan22.52.7733.33561.76UPUP1002022-07-31
unemployment ratetw.unemploymentrate3.733.681.360.27DownUP51.672022-06-23
youth unemployment ratetw.ytunemploymentrate12.5811.690.07613340.07890221.01.012021-05-31

Taiwan current account analysis

Taiwan’s current account is comprised of Taiwan’s exports minus imports, net income from abroad and net current transfers. Taiwan’s finances are reflected in a simple income statement of revenue and expenses and a simple balance sheet of assets and liabilities. When Taiwan’s revenue, from what one sells, is greater than one’s expenditure, there is positive net income, which leads to one’s assets to rise relative to one’s liabilities (most importantly debt, which raises one’s net savings. Exports are the main revenue source for countries. Net income is export earnings minus import spending (balance of goods and services) that makes the net income of a country that comes from trading with foreigners. If one buys more than one sells, he has to finance the difference by some mix of drawing down one’s savings and/or borrowing. one can think of a country’s savings as its foreign-exchange reserves. When the country has a current account deficit it is financed by its exchange rate reserves or increasing debt. The financing is calculated by the country’s capital account. Explore MacroVar financial knowledge base structured by professional fund managers and economists.

Taiwan current account trend

Taiwan current account trend is in an uptrend when the last value is higher than its twelve-month moving average and its twelve-month moving average slope is positive (last twelve-month moving average is higher than the previous month twelve-month moving average) and vice-versa. MacroVar calculates the number of months the Taiwan current account has recorded new highs or lows. Taiwan current account trend change is assumed when the specific indicator has recorded a 3-month high / low or more.

Taiwan current account momentum

Taiwan current account momentum is monitored by calculating its long-term year over year (Y/Y) return and its short-term month on month (M/M) return.