Taiwan exports

Taiwan exports: 37480.04 (-10.37%)
Last Update: April 30, 2024

Taiwan exports closed down 37480.04 as of April 30, 2024 from 41815.44 from the previous month and 35935.72 from last year.

Taiwan exports Analytics & Data

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Taiwan exports

2024-04-30 37480.04
2024-03-31 41815.44
2024-02-29 31433.57
2024-01-31 37190.52
2023-12-31 39936.58
2023-11-30 37469.35
2023-10-31 38114.08
2023-09-30 38811.32
2023-08-31 37358.8
2023-07-31 38727.02
2023-06-30 32319.19
2023-05-31 36104.63
2023-04-30 35935.72
2023-03-31 35179.42
2023-02-28 31040.19
2023-01-31 31503.6
2022-12-31 35746.08
2022-11-30 36116.72
2022-10-31 39918.97
2022-09-30 37517.24

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Heading: Taiwan Exports: Current and Historical Data, Trends, and Analysis

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive webpage dedicated to keeping you updated on Taiwan’s exports. Here, you will find a wealth of current and historical data, trends, analytics, and charts that will provide valuable insights into Taiwan's export landscape. Whether you are a business professional, investor, or analyst, our platform aims to equip you with the necessary information to interpret Taiwan's export data effectively.

Understanding Taiwan Exports: Taiwan is renowned for its robust export-oriented economy, making it crucial to monitor and analyze its export data. Taiwan exports a wide range of products, including electronic goods, machinery, petrochemicals, textiles, metals, and more. These exports play a significant role in driving Taiwan's economic growth and trade balance.

Interpreting Taiwan Exports: Our webpage presents Taiwan exports data in various formats, including charts, graphs, and analytics, allowing you to visualize trends and patterns easily. By examining the data, you can gain insights into the performance of different sectors, identify emerging or declining industries, understand global demand, and predict potential risks or opportunities.

Current Data and Trends: We provide real-time updates on Taiwan's latest export figures, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing market conditions. Our analytics highlight the top exporting industries, major trade partners, and key destinations for Taiwan's products. By monitoring current trends, you can make informed decisions and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Historical Data and Analysis: Our platform also enables you to explore historical export data, going back several years. With this wealth of information, you can conduct in-depth trend analysis, decode seasonal variations, and observe long-term patterns. By uncovering historical insights, you can gain a better understanding of Taiwan's export history and make informed future projections.

Free Data Export for Further Analysis: We understand the importance of conducting personalized analysis. Therefore, our platform allows users to export historical data for free. By exporting the data, you can conduct your own extensive analysis, perform statistical modeling, create custom charts, and integrate it with your existing tools for further examination.

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Conclusion: Our webpage is your go-to resource for comprehensive and up-to-date information on Taiwan's exports. By analyzing current and historical data, observing trends and patterns, and utilizing MacroVar signals, you can gain a deeper understanding of Taiwan's export landscape. Stay ahead of the curve, make informed decisions, and unlock new opportunities in Taiwan's export market. Start exploring now!

Taiwan Financial Markets

Taiwan WeightedTWII16038.6-1-0.5-0.152937.30780.00233-0.01958-0.031330.2217
Taiwan ETFEWT44.04-0.5-0.75-0.9780144.56340.011950.00479-0.004520.05713
Taiwan Dollar US Dollar (TWD/USD)TWDUSD 32.309011.6163751.3624-0.00297-0.003390.001990.0382
Taiwan 2-year bond yieldTW.2Y0.945-1-1-1.2450810.540-1.05-3.089.88
Taiwan Yield CurveTW.YC0.355112.3885261.17750.05970.05970.577780.82051
Taiwan Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradetw.balanceoftrade6048.396459.72-624DownUP572024-05-31
bank lending ratetw.banks.lendingrate3.0893.089019UPUP942023-06-30
banks balance sheettw.banks.bs616153006143800006UPUP402024-04-30
capital flowstw.capitalflows2918431873-80UPUP232024-03-31
car registrationstw.carregistrations23161.323151.301UPUP512024-03-31
central bank balance sheettw.cb.assets203244002004580015UPUP712024-03-31
consumer confidencetw.consconfidence72.263.371413UPUP892024-05-31
consumer price index cpitw.cpi107.39107.1602UPUP692024-05-31
core inflation ratetw.coreinflationrate1.812.14-15-33DownDown252024-04-30
current accounttw.currentaccount2911034840-1612UPUP362024-03-31
current account to gdptw.currentaccountgdp11.813.3-1140DownUP02023-01-31
external debttw.externaldebt20649920254529DownUP402023-12-31
fiscal expendituretw.fiscalexp3847.683435.431247UPUP02023-01-31
foreign direct investmenttw.fdi572.23179.71218-65DownDown82024-03-31
foreign exchange reservestw.fxreserves57285670.112UPUP322024-05-31
Real GDPtw.realgdp56743305544560211UPUP712023-12-31
gdp growthtw.gdpgrowth0.272.4-89-91DownDown02024-03-31
gdp growth annualtw.gdpgrowthan6.564.8336-15UPDown562024-06-30
gold reservestw.goldres423.63423.6300UPUP512021-03-31
government budgettw.govbudget-0.5-0.50-76UPUP02023-12-31
Government budgettw.govbudgetvalue-375.176-312.8120-164DownDown02023-12-31
government debt to gdptw.govdebtgdp28.229.3-42DownUP02019-01-31
government revenuestw.govrev3472.53122.621151UPUP02023-01-31
housing indextw.housingindex158.9153.444-52UPDown112024-03-31
industrial productiontw.indproduction14.614.2248-165UPUP322024-04-30
industrial production momtw.indproductionmm0.54-0.67-181-112DownUP502024-04-30
inflation cpitw.inflationcpi2.241.951511DownUP782024-05-31
interbank ratetw.interbankrate1.491.4900DownDown512023-08-15
interest ratetw.interestrate1.881.875025UPUP792023-07-31
loan growthtw.loangrowth6.646.4730UPDown422024-03-31
loans to private sectortw.loanprivate154948001533780016UPUP422024-03-31
Manufacturing PMItw.manpmi50.950.2115UPUP852024-05-31
money supply m0tw.msm032322003303780-26UPUP72024-03-31
money supply m1tw.msm1111756001098490028UPUP482024-03-31
money supply m2tw.msm2625739006227900006UPUP352024-05-31
Producer Price Indextw.producerprices111.83111.6502UPUP612024-04-30
PPI Indextw.producerpricesch2.732.0633-222UPUP232024-04-30
retail sales MoMtw.retailsales-1.15.8-119450DownDown02024-04-30
retail salestw.retailsalesan1.60.7129-79DownDown352024-04-30
unemployment ratetw.unemploymentrate3.443.421-12DownDown82023-09-30
youth unemployment ratetw.ytunemploymentrate11.3711.55-2-4DownDown222024-02-29