Turkey fiscal expenditure

Turkey fiscal expenditure: 773.64 (11.67%)
Last Update: April 30, 2024

Turkey fiscal expenditure closed down 773.64 as of April 30, 2024 from 692.81 from the previous month and 400.44 from last year.

Turkey fiscal expenditure Analytics & Data

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Turkey fiscal expenditure

2024-04-30 773.64
2024-03-31 692.81
2024-02-29 689.9
2024-01-31 767.97
2023-12-31 1392.48
2023-11-30 671.18
2023-10-31 569.21
2023-09-30 570.48
2023-08-31 562.69
2023-07-31 455.84
2023-06-30 487.86
2023-05-31 430.52
2023-04-30 400.44
2023-03-31 334.04
2023-02-28 389.39
2023-01-31 321.32
2022-12-31 373.82
2022-11-30 239.43
2022-10-31 307.42
2022-09-30 285.57

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Turkey fiscal expenditure Statistics

fiscal expendituretr.fiscalexp773.64692.8112132DownUP882024-03-31

Turkey fiscal expenditure Factors

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What is the Turkey fiscal expenditure

Turkey fiscal expenditure refers to the amount of money that the government of Turkey spends on various sectors and services. It includes expenses on areas such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, defense, social welfare, and other government projects. Monitoring and analyzing fiscal expenditure is crucial for understanding the government's priorities, economic policies, and the overall health of the economy.

Interpreting Turkey fiscal expenditure data involves examining the allocation of funds across different sectors and comparing it with previous years. It helps ascertain the government's focus areas, how effectively funds are being used, and the impact on the economy. For example, increased spending on infrastructure could indicate efforts to boost economic growth, while higher healthcare expenditure might signify a commitment to improving public health.

Analyzing trends in Turkey fiscal expenditure can provide insights into the country's economic priorities and shifts in policy. For example, if there is a consistent increase in defense spending, it may indicate a focus on national security. Understanding these trends and patterns can help individuals, businesses, and investors make informed decisions.

Charts and analytics are powerful tools to visualize Turkey fiscal expenditure data. They can indicate spending patterns over time, highlight areas of significant allocation, and identify any inconsistencies or outliers. These visual representations help facilitate easy understanding and comparison of the data.

Additionally, users can export historical data for free from the webpage for further analysis. This allows researchers, economists, and policymakers to delve deeper into the data and conduct detailed studies on Turkey's fiscal expenditure. By exporting the data, users can perform their own calculations, create custom charts, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the trends and patterns.

Furthermore, the webpage provides access to MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. These features help users identify significant changes, potential risks, and emerging opportunities in Turkey fiscal expenditure. MacroVar signals use advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques to parse through complex data and identify important trends or developments. This can be useful for identifying potential impacts on the economy and evaluating the effectiveness of government policies.

In conclusion, the webpage displaying Turkey fiscal expenditure offers current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts. Interpreting this data allows users to understand the government's economic priorities, policy shifts, and the overall health of the economy. With the ability to export historical data for free and access MacroVar signals, users can conduct further analysis and gain deeper insights.

Turkey Financial Markets

BIST 100BIST7959.950.50.751.1566353.94850.007770.013570.03290.665
Turkey ETFTUR33.98-100.0699239.0073-0.00498-0.00118-0.124450.24972
Turkish Lira US Dollar (TRY/USD)TRYUSD28.3534111.3629287.99830.001070.00670.02860.52363
Turkey 10-Year Bond YieldTR.10Y28.595112.3666381.14160.079060.106190.136531.74424
Turkey 5-Year Bond YieldTR.5Y19.335112.2251760.25640.040640.098580.10234-0.18383
Turkey 2-year bond yieldTR.2Y19.14112.8318982.446.2211.2145.336.1
Turkey Yield CurveTR.YC-7.080.5-1-2.3531527.95080.259790.4161.205613.75168
Turkey Credit Default SwapsCDS.Turkey284-1-1-1.816720.68820.00531-0.0173-0.16409-0.45853
Turkey Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradetr.balanceoftrade-6500-9900-34-48UPUP32024-05-31
banks balance sheettr.banks.bs26323535800.025770800000261UPUP782024-04-30
building permitstr.buildingpermits178598332507-46265UPUP982024-01-31
business confidencetr.bizconfidence105.4106.1-1-3UPDown262024-05-31
capacity utilizationtr.caputilization76.376.7-10DownUP482024-05-31
capital flowstr.capitalflows-5632.0-13667-59-40DownUP622024-04-30
car registrationstr.carregistrations196309226617-139DownUP322024-04-30
cash reserve ratiotr.cashreserveratio2525032UPUP722022-02-28
central bank balance sheettr.cb.assets69647800007210930000-386DownDown02024-03-31
consumer confidencetr.consconfidence78.380.5-3-8UPDown252024-06-30
consumer price index cpitr.cpi2281.852207.5375UPUP902024-05-31
core inflation ratetr.coreinflationrate74.9875.81-161UPUP682024-05-31
current accounttr.currentaccount-5285-4427191DownDown572024-04-30
current account to gdptr.currentaccountgdp-4-5.1-22-55DownUP02023-12-31
deposit interest ratetr.depositrate1613.51928UPUP772023-07-20
external debttr.externaldebt499886481321411UPUP452023-12-31
fiscal expendituretr.fiscalexp773.64692.8112132DownUP882024-03-31
foreign exchange reservestr.fxreserves8636083910326UPUP922024-07-31
Real GDPtr.realgdp516711000604781000-1519DownUP602024-03-31
gdp growthtr.gdpgrowth2.411409UPUP822024-03-31
gdp growth annualtr.gdpgrowthan5.7443-21DownDown532024-03-31
gold reservestr.goldres540.19478.9713-1UPDown52023-12-31
government budgettr.govbudget-5.2-1420174DownDown02024-01-31
Government budgettr.govbudgetvalue219.41-177.83-22385UPUP682024-05-31
government debttr.govdebt7641300.07492600261UPUP682024-05-31
government debt to gdptr.govdebtgdp29.530.8-4-19DownDown02023-01-31
government revenuestr.govrev595.81483.8423108UPUP822024-03-31
housing indextr.housingindex12311216152UPUP552024-03-31
housing startstr.housingstarts11658.075545450UPUP802024-01-31
industrial productiontr.indproduction-0.74.6-115-50DownUP582024-04-30
industrial production momtr.indproductionmm-4.9-0.31533390DownDown922024-04-30
inflation cpitr.inflationcpi75.4569.8891UPUP802024-05-31
interbank ratetr.interbankrate15.6315.6300DownDown512023-08-15
interest ratetr.interestrate17.5151725UPUP632023-07-20
lending ratetr.lendingrate1916.51523UPUP672023-07-20
loans to private sectortr.loanprivate6029901454.05924340000247UPUP742024-04-30
long term unemployment ratetr.ltunemploymentrate3.53.3652UPUP02020-12-31
Manufacturing PMItr.manpmi48.449.3-2-6DownDown182024-05-31
money supply m1tr.msm15393796967.55451940000-153UPUP432024-05-31
money supply m2tr.msm214841398680.914570400000258UPUP602024-05-31
money supply m3tr.msm315730863382.615286100000363UPUP662024-05-31
new home salestr.newhomesales3555824085483UPUP622024-05-31
Producer Price Indextr.producerprices3435.963369.98258UPUP732024-05-31
Produce Prices YoYtr.producerpricesch57.6855.66442UPUP552024-05-31
retail sales MoMtr.retailsales-1.8-0.2800-172DownDown02024-04-30
retail salestr.retailsalesan10.219.8-48-67DownDown372024-04-30
total vehicle salestr.vehiclesales-10.1-22.3-55-100DownDown22024-05-31
unemployment ratetr.unemploymentrate8.58.6-1-15DownDown152024-04-30
youth unemployment ratetr.ytunemploymentrate14.514.6-1-22DownDown62024-04-30
foreign direct investmenttr.fdi477.0602-21-49UPDown282024-04-30
Construction Confidencetr.esi.constr-8.8-11-2000-900UPUP52002024-01-22
Consumer Confidencetr.esi.cons-24.7-25.4-300600DownDown48002024-01-22
Industrial Confidencetr.esi.man-1.3-0.422500-5800DownUP62002024-01-22
Retail Confidencetr.esi.ret15.216.4-700-3000DownDown25002024-01-22
Services Confidencetr.esi.serv18.120.3-1100-2900DownDown37002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositetr.esi.conf97.7101.1-39DownUP732022-02-28