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United Kingdom Government budget: -20514 (57.04%)
Last Update: April 30, 2024

United Kingdom Government budget closed down -20514 as of April 30, 2024 from -13063 from the previous month and -19104 from last year.

United Kingdom Government budget Analytics & Data

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United Kingdom Government budget

2024-04-30 -20514
2024-03-31 -13063
2024-02-29 -9524
2024-01-31 15161
2023-12-31 -7589
2023-11-30 -13243
2023-10-31 -15373
2023-09-30 -14660
2023-08-31 -10361
2023-07-31 -1350
2023-06-30 -17899
2023-05-31 -14773
2023-04-30 -19104
2023-03-31 -16609
2023-02-28 -12027
2023-01-31 7386
2022-12-31 -16222
2022-11-30 -15133
2022-10-31 -10494
2022-09-30 -15904

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United Kingdom Government budget Statistics

Government budgetuk.govbudgetvalue-11939-952425-29DownUP372024-03-31

United Kingdom Government budget Factors

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What is the United Kingdom Government budget

The United Kingdom Government budget is an annual financial plan that outlines the government's revenue, spending, borrowing, and economic policies for the upcoming fiscal year. It is presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to Parliament and plays a pivotal role in shaping the country's economic direction.

Interpreting the United Kingdom Government budget requires a careful analysis of its various components and their implications. Here are a few key areas to consider:

1. Revenue and Expenditure: The budget provides insights into the government's sources of revenue, such as taxes, duties, and other income, as well as its planned expenditures across sectors like healthcare, education, defense, infrastructure, and welfare. Understanding the allocations and priorities can shed light on the government's policy focus and potential areas of economic growth.

2. Debt and Borrowing: The budget also presents information on the government's borrowing plans, including the issuance of bonds and treasury bills. Examining the projected levels of debt and interest payments helps gauge the government's fiscal sustainability and potential impact on the economy.

3. Economic Forecasts: The budget typically includes macroeconomic forecasts, such as GDP growth, inflation, unemployment rates, and other economic indicators. These forecasts provide a basis for evaluating the government's economic projections and policy decisions.

4. Tax Policy: Changes to tax rates, thresholds, and allowances are often announced in the budget. Analyzing these amendments can help individuals, businesses, and investors understand the impact on their finances and make informed decisions accordingly.

To facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the United Kingdom Government budget, our webpage provides users with access to current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts. Users can visualize the budget's key components through interactive charts and graphs, allowing for easy comparison and identification of patterns and trends over time.

Additionally, users have the option to export historical data for free, enabling further in-depth analysis using their preferred tools. This empowers researchers, economists, policymakers, and businesses to dive deeper into the budget's implications and draw insights that meet their specific needs.

Furthermore, our platform incorporates MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. MacroVar utilizes advanced algorithms and data science techniques to identify patterns, correlations, and predictive signals within the United Kingdom Government budget data. This feature enhances decision-making capabilities by providing real-time alerts, forecasts, and analytical insights based on historical and current budget data.

In summary, our webpage aims to provide users with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to access and interpret the United Kingdom Government budget. By analyzing current and historical data, trends, and signals, users can gain valuable insights into the government's fiscal policies and their potential implications for the economy. Whether it's monitoring economic forecasts, evaluating tax policy changes, or assessing policy priorities, our platform serves as a valuable resource for understanding and leveraging the United Kingdom Government budget.

United Kingdom Financial Markets

FTSE 100FTSE7489.841-0.5-0.5026452.664-0.003080.004640.01077-0.00081
United Kingdom ETFEWU30.64-1-1-2.0795940.31950.00459-0.00325-0.007130.09272
British Pound US Dollar (GBP/USD)GBPUSD0.8193-0.510.8269950.2864-0.0045-0.00631-0.00122-0.02777
FLG UK 10Y GiltsFLG94.520.5-0.5-0.7969457.63260.009610.022280.01722-0.07424
United Kingdom 10-Year Bond YieldGB.10Y4.388-
UK 5-Year Bond YieldUK.5Y4.7070.50.751.3298755.5457-0.006330.052550.066860.46636
UK 2-year bond yieldUK.2Y4.747000.5929948.6679-0.01187-0.017590.023940.54928
UK Yield CurveUK.YC-0.270.511.4583546.85040.244240.071430.656443.15384
United Kingdom Credit Default SwapsCDS.UK360.512.0211756.62350-0.01370.014080.33333
United Kingdom Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeuk.balanceoftrade-1098-6750-84-68UPUP582024-05-31
bank lending rateuk.banks.lendingrate660167UPUP02023-07-31
banks balance sheetuk.banks.bs437102043525200-1DownDown232024-02-29
business confidenceuk.bizconfidence9-3-400-76UPDown02024-06-30
capacity utilizationuk.caputilization73.964.515-13DownDown52020-12-31
capital flowsuk.capitalflows727725858-72-84DownDown202023-12-31
car registrationsuk.carregistrations147678134274102DownUP542024-05-31
central bank balance sheetuk.cb.assets9179369174740-1DownDown922024-06-30
composite pmiuk.comppmi5354.1-20UPUP582024-06-30
construction pmiuk.constrpmi54.75336UPUP772024-05-31
consumer confidenceuk.consconfidence-17-19-11-37UPUP342024-05-31
consumer price index cpiuk.cpi133.513302UPUP382024-04-30
core inflation rateuk.coreinflationrate4.24.5-7-32DownDown82023-03-31
core Producer Price Indexuk.coreproducerprices135.3135.300UPUP232024-04-30
current accountuk.currentaccount-21177-1852414-19DownUP362023-12-31
current account to gdpuk.currentaccountgdp-3.3-3.1683UPDown752023-01-31
deposit interest rateuk.depositrate4.254.250325UPUP02023-07-31
external debtuk.externaldebt7572360755372004UPUP322023-12-31
foreign direct investmentuk.fdi-1020-3935-74-239DownDown282023-12-31
foreign exchange reservesuk.fxreserves18640318395210UPUP312024-03-31
Real GDPuk.realgdp57019656662612UPUP252024-09-30
gdp growthuk.gdpgrowth0.6-0.3-300-150DownUP172024-03-31
gdp growth annualuk.gdpgrowthan0.2-0.2-200-99DownDown302024-06-30
gold reservesuk.goldres310.29310.300DownDown582020-09-30
government budgetuk.govbudget-4.4-5-12-39UPUP422024-12-31
Government budgetuk.govbudgetvalue-11939-952425-29DownUP372024-03-31
government debtuk.govdebt2687.42694.3-06UPUP292024-04-30
government debt to gdpuk.govdebtgdp97.695.6234UPUP02023-12-31
government revenuesuk.govrev8574798872-132DownUP292024-04-30
housing indexuk.housingindex497.8498.1-01UPUP212024-05-31
housing startsuk.housingstarts1908021190-10-55DownDown52023-12-31
industrial productionuk.indproduction-0.40.5-180-56DownUP02024-04-30
industrial production momuk.indproductionmm-0.90.2-550-1000DownDown02024-04-30
inflation cpiuk.inflationcpi3.23.4-6-68DownDown122024-03-31
interbank rateuk.interbankrate5.485.4700DownDown182023-08-15
interest rateuk.interestrate5.2555200UPUP702023-08-03
lending rateuk.lendingrate4.754.750217UPUP782023-07-31
loans to private sectoruk.loanprivate2703870269488002DownUP472024-03-31
long term unemployment rateuk.ltunemploymentrate0.90.812-25DownDown352020-03-31
Manufacturing PMIuk.manpmi51.249.1410UPUP842024-06-30
money supply m0uk.msm09494195042-01UPUP502024-03-31
money supply m1uk.msm122132702228000-1-6DownDown162024-03-31
money supply m2uk.msm230391003040910-0-1UPDown152024-03-31
money supply m3uk.msm335517003564270-0-1UPDown122024-03-31
Producer Price Indexuk.producerprices137.5137.201UPUP522024-04-30
PPI Indexuk.producerpricesch0.60.450-93DownDown522024-03-31
retail sales MoMuk.retailsales-2.3-0.21050-483DownDown02024-04-30
retail salesuk.retailsalesan-2.70.4-775-25DownUP732024-04-30
services pmiuk.servpmi52.955-4-1UPDown542024-06-30
unemployment rateuk.unemploymentrate4.34.227UPUP622024-05-31
youth unemployment rateuk.ytunemploymentrate11.811.259UPUP702024-04-30
zew economic sentiment indexuk.zewsentiment60.435.869-203UPUP122021-03-28
UK RICS House Priceuk.rics-39-43-9-149DownDown402023-04-30
Construction sectoruk.esi.constr0000DownDown02023-06-30
Consumer sectoruk.esi.cons0000DownDown02023-06-30
Manufacturing sectoruk.esi.man0000DownDown02023-06-30
Retail sectoruk.esi.ret0000DownDown02023-06-30
Services sectoruk.esi.serv0000DownDown02023-06-30
ESI - Economic Compositeuk.esi.conf87.181.57-3UPDown562020-12-31