Country risk

MacroVar monitors country risk by monitoring credit default swap indices of different countries.

country risk

Sovereign Risk Model

SignalLast-1 Week-1 Month-3 Months-6 Months
Country Risk-0.28-0.14-0.22-1.3-1.29
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Sovereign Credit Default Swaps

Last-1 Week-1 Month-3 Months-6 Months
United States Credit Default Swaps10.410.
France Credit Default Swaps21.4321.6324.4314.5415.99
Germany Credit Default Swaps9.9210.6210.079.6310.3
United Kingdom Credit Default Swaps11.01211.2512.517.5
Portugal Credit Default Swaps31.031.532.528.538.5
Italy Credit Default Swaps75.757985.570.5101.5
Spain Credit Default Swaps33.5343730.545.5
Ireland Credit Default Swaps16.751714.151417.25
Japan Credit Default Swaps17.51717.816.415.2
China Credit Default Swaps35.036.538.253129
Click to explore a thorough Economic and Financial analysis for more than 50 countries monitored by MacroVar.

Country risk model

Country risk (or sovereign risk) is the likelihood that a government goes bankrupt and the amount the investor loses if it happens. Credit-risky securities include government bonds. Credit default swaps are widely used derivatives used in credit risk management to describe market perceptions of credit risk for a specific sovereign. Credit default swaps (CDS) are derivatives contracts which by construction aim at quantifying the risk of default of a counterparty. Therefore, CDS written for sovereigns are early signals to monitor and detect elevated credit risk conditions for these countries and as a consequence for the global financial system.

MacroVar calculates for each of the twelve credit default swaps the average of the six month and twelve month z-scores. Extreme values of z-scores greater than two indicate elevated credit risk conditions and vice-versa. MacroVar sovereign risk index is the average of z-scores of the tweleve credit default swaps tracked.

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